Board Members Needed

The Delmar Farmers Market has been a staple in the Bethlehem community since 2008, bringing farmers, vendors, families, and community members together each Saturday morning, May through December. The market features over 60 vendors selling assorted local, eco-friendly, and fair trade products. We are committed to supporting local vendors, modeling environmental stewardship in all aspects of our operations, and continuing our progressive growth.

The Delmar Farmers Market is looking for board members that are dedicated individuals interested in supporting this work. If you would be interested in joining the board please send a short statement of what makes you a good candidate. In your one-page application:

  • please include your name, contact information, and a little bit about yourself;
  • please include any specific skills that you think might benefit the board/market;
  • also highlight your availability and limitations that might challenge your participation.

The Delmar Farmers Market will be accepting prospective board member statements through January 31, 2018. Please email your summary to Mark Warford, President of the Delmar Farmers Market Board of Directors, at

[Updated] Vendor Applications for 2017 Outdoor Market Now Open

Update: We are no longer accepting applications from prospective full-time vendors for the 2017 outdoor market. Vendors looking to participate on limited days during the season may click here to register and apply. The outdoor market will be open every Saturday from May 6 until October 28, 9 AM–1 PM. Applications will be accepted until Saturday, April 15.

We are currently accepting vendor applications for our 2017 outdoor market. The outdoor market will be open every Saturday from May 6 until October 28, 9 AM–1 PM. Click here to register and apply. Applications will be accepted until Monday, February 20.